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Lighting Up Lives, One Spark at a Time.

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Spark 2.png

Supporting our winter appeal couldn't be easier. Simply click 'Support Our Appeal' below and give a one-time donation or set up a monthly contribution through Town Break's JustGiving platform. Every contribution brings us closer to a Forth Valley where no one faces dementia alone.

Can you remember a time that you felt lost, lonely or isolated?  Each of us will at some point in the course of our lives experience the chill of loneliness and social isolation. 


Initial results of Town Break's Impact Review 2023 reveals that a staggering 83% of people affected by dementia across Forth Valley deal with these feelings day in and day out. 

A diagnosis of dementia without social support can be harmful, leading to these feelings being significantly heightened. 

Picture a void. There's no understanding and no one to speak with, day after day. Sadly, this is the reality for thousands of people affected by dementia across your local communities in Forth Valley.


Every day, just another day spent alone.


It is heart-breaking to think that this is the reality for at least one person in every street.


Tragically, that’s one person in your street.


Within That Void a Spark Exists

In essence, life is all about thought and memory. Everything we do, say, see and experience is shaped by our current thoughts and our memories of past experiences.  


Without thought and memory, we lose our spark. Town Break enables people to maintain, and in some cases, re-ignite their spark.


Social support isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Through our 20 services across Forth Valley people can embrace their authentic identities, passions, and personal expressions. Town Break offers an environment where individuals can explore, celebrate, and safeguard their unique sparks whilst remaining connected to their local communities.

Each week, people affected by dementia, feeling desperately sad, lonely and helpless turn to Town Break for support. Initial results of our Impact Review 2023 reveals that a staggering 85% of people affected by dementia feel less confident managing their mental health since receiving their diagnosis. At the same time demand for our vital services is increasing.

In 2023 alone, we've witnessed a service demand exceeding 40%.

However, we are determined to be there for people affected by dementia today, tomorrow and in the weeks, months and years to come. 

Without social support a diagnosis of dementia can be harmful. But social support is not a one-size-fits-all solution. In recognition of this, and due to high demand, our service offering has increased by over 200%.


With this unprecedented demand for our much needed services and limited statutory support, we are facing huge pressure to provide people affected by dementia with the support they so desperately require, deserve and are entitled to.

Without kind-hearted people like you, we wouldn’t be able to continue our mission to end the chill of loneliness that is often associated with dementia, ensuring equitable access for everyone affected by dementia across Forth Valley.

Together, we can continue to make a profound impact.


How to Make a Difference.

Your donation acts as a lifeline, a key to unlocking the potential for meaningful change. Support The Spark winter appeal by donating through Town Break's JustGiving platform. Every contribution brings us closer to a Forth Valley where no one faces dementia alone.


Help us make this winter brighter for people affected by dementia. With your support, we can continue to inspire and enable people across Forth Valley to live well with dementia - because every spark matters.

Spark Joy. Ignite Connection. Spark Change.

Impact of your Donation.
Simply click on the amount below to donate

Provides milk and sugar for 1 week across all services.

Provides tea and coffee for 1 week across all services.

Provides lunch for 15 people per week.

Provides a secure and warm group venue for one month.

Provides five people with Christmas lunch.

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"An excellent organisation which enriches the lives of people affected by dementia, through meaningful activities. Thank you for all that you do. This form of support is very much needed for now and the future. Councils should fund Town Break to deliver more. The support we receive through Town Break is simply first class."

A person with lived experience of dementia - Impact Survey 2023. 

Spark 2.png

Town Break Voices: Impact Review 2023.

"Attending Town Break helped meet others who are experiencing similar circumstances. Suddenly you realise you're not alone in the dementia journey by utilising their support and services. Reaching out for help is such a big thing when you try cope so long yourself." - Unpaid Carer


"Being a member of Town Break is motivation to get out on those days, this is so important as it tackles feelings of isolation." - Unpaid carer

"It's a joy to see my mum participate in mixing with others and singing and laughing. She doesn't go out therefore doesn't mix with anyone other than me. So I would highly recommend all that Town Break does plus all their volunteers - it's been a god send for me." - Unpaid Carer

"As well as helping people with confirmed diagnosis of dementia, Town Break has also helped me with my memory issues."- Unpaid Carer

"I just hope you continue to be there for us and the countless others who will need your support in the future." - Unpaid Carer 

"For my husband it eased his feeling of isolation and he responded to the interaction with others and became his old self for time, telling stories and singing." - Unpaid Carer. 

"Never have to persuade my husband to go to Town Break each week. This was previously unheard of as he has never been a “group” person.- Unpaid Carer.

"My partner can go alone and meet up with friends meaning I can work knowing he sees other people on these days." - Unpaid Carer. 

"Meeting other people. Whatever the event the laughter is great and I feel valued and heard." - Person Living with Dementia.

"It's simple, Town Break was the lifeline I didn't realise I needed."- Person Living with Dementia. 


Real Stories, Real Impact: It's crucial to note that the individuals featured in The Spark winter appeal have experiences with dementia, but none have received a formal diagnosis. The dramatisation reflects the very real situations many face, underscoring the urgency of our mission.

Thank you for being a part of The Spark winter appeal. Together, we can make a profound impact and bring warmth to those experiencing the chill of loneliness.

If you require help, have been affected by any of the issues raised or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

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