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Town Break plays a crucial role in Health and Social Care throughout Forth Valley. As a leading dementia support charity, Town Break works closely alongside various healthcare professionals and social care organisations, fostering a comprehensive and holistic approach to supporting individuals affected by dementia.

Here is how Town Break collaborates with Health and Social Care partners:

1. Supporting Individuals and Carers: Town Break delivers essential social support services that prioritise the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of individuals affected by dementia. Through close collaboration with health and social care partners, Town Break ensures that their needs are effectively met.

2. Referral Process: Town Break seamlessly collaborates with healthcare professionals and social care agencies to facilitate a smooth and timely referral process. This ensures that individuals receive the appropriate social support services when needed, promoting continuity of care.


3. Crisis Management: Adopting a two-pronged strategy, we prioritise urgent service delivery and assess the most suitable placement of individuals within Town Break’s services. Our crisis management approach entails providing sensitive support to those who reach out to us in times of need, ensuring immediate access to assistance for individuals who may have no other support options.

4. Proactivity and Responsiveness: Town Break takes a proactive and responsive approach to the ever-changing dementia support landscape. Through innovative services and collaborations with Health and Social Care partners, Town Break better meets the evolving needs of the community.


5. Complementary Services: Town Break's services complement the efforts of healthcare professionals and social care providers. By offering personalised activities, respite, and emotional support, Town Break enhances the overall care and quality of life for individuals and families dealing with dementia.

6. Knowledge Sharing: Town Break draws on the knowledge, energy, and experiences of people effected by dementia. By sharing insights and learnings with Health and Social Care partners, Town Break contributes to a deeper understanding of dementia care and advocates for best practices.

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