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We're campaigning for better care across Forth Valley so that everyone affected by dementia gets the support that they deserve.

Assembly Hall

Town Break's winter 2022 campaign highlighted a hidden aspect of dementia. This was our first-ever homemade campaign video! Dementia is a complex condition encompassing far more than just memory loss. This campaign highlighted the often overlooked symptoms that fall under the dementia umbrella. 

Take a journey with us through our inaugural campaign video, filmed in Autumn 2022, where we explore a lesser-known symptom of dementia - Time-shifting. This phenomenon transports individuals living with dementia to a different era in their lives, causing disorientation and confusion regarding time and place. The person living with dementia may no longer recognise their reflection, perceiving themselves as much younger, while the mirror reflects someone much older. Recent memories remain inaccessible, giving rise to distress, fear, and alarm.

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