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Our Staff Team.

Uncover the individuals at the heart of Town Break Dementia Support. Our devoted team members channel their passion and expertise to enhance the work of Town Break Dementia Support. Familiarise yourself with our team and witness the unwavering dedication propelling our mission into the future.

Our Patron

Gina McKie. Radio Presenter. Events Host. Author. Motivational Speaker. 

Gina McKie is no stranger to speaking at public events and hosting award ceremonies. However, if you can’t quite place her face, you will almost certainly know her voice, as Gina is a regular broadcaster on local and UK radio and she has been working in that media for over 20 years.


Gina regularly hosts a number of charitable lunches and dinners including, Cash For Kids, Beatson Cancer Charity and Scottish Autism to name a few.

As a presenter and host, Gina is now one of the most asked for MC/hosts for award ceremonies, charity events, motivational days and graduation events

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