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Join Let's Talk, Town Break online forum, to connect with others affected by dementia who truly understand & offer valuable advice.

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Your Community.

Welcome to Town Break Dementia Support, your community hub for social dementia support. We're dedicated to providing tailored assistance and companionship for people affected by dementia. Join us on a supportive journey throughout Forth Valley.

Discover our range of services designed to meet individual needs and provide personalised social support. Click on the images below to explore our offerings throughout Forth Valley


Getting to Know us.

Town Break Dementia Support  is a community for people affected by dementia. Our mission is to inspire and enable people across Forth Valley to live well with dementia.

Our Volunteers.

We're not just a charity; we're agents of transformation.


We aim to reshape the way Forth Valley and society views dementia, and we're always looking for enthusiastic individuals from the community to come on board. Together, we can ignite hope and offer vital social support to people affected by dementia.

If you're passionate about our cause and have some free time each week, we invite you to play a crucial role in our cause. To find out more or to access our volunteer form, simply click the link below, or get in touch with us directly.


Join us in making a real difference

Our Inaugural Impact Review: Unveiling 2023

Spark Our Fundraiser Success.

Countdown to Ignite Impact!

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Derek's Ride London-Essex 100 miles 

Unpaid Carer

"For my husband it eased his feeling of isolation and he responded to the interaction with others and became his old self for a time, telling stories and singing."

Town Break Volunteer

"Town Break Dementia Support is a valuable resource for people affected by dementia and their carers. As a volunteer, I have been delighted to engage with everyone at the groups, in whatever capacity and have developed a much deeper understanding of the implications of dementia."

Person Living with Dementia

"It just helps me get out on those days, tackling feelings of isolation. It is motivation to get out."
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