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Collecting Money
Collecting Money

Charging Structure

At Town Break Dementia Support, we are committed to ensuring fair access to our services. To achieve this goal, we have established a straightforward pricing framework for our services. 

Charging Structure Breakdown.

Falkirk Services
Thanks to our funding model, all Town Break Dementia Support's Falkirk services continue to be accessible without direct charges. This is made possible by the full funding provided by Falkirk Health and Social Care Partnership to Town Break.

Stirling and Clackmannanshire Services 

To sustain and continue providing our valuable services, we now find it necessary to introduce a fair and transparent charging structure for certain groups.

Structure Breakdown

  1. Lunch Group+: £5.00 per person. The Lunch Group+ includes three hours of supported activities and a meal consisting of sandwiches, crisps, soup or a dessert, along with two rounds of tea/coffee and cake and biscuits.

  2. Social Group+: £3.00 per person or £5.00 per couple. These groups offer two hours of supported activities and provide tea, coffee, biscuits, and cake.

  3. Time Out +: The current structure of £10 per session will remain unchanged.

  4. Choir and Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST): These groups will continue to be free for all participants.

Payment is based on 48 attendances at each service yearly. This payment secures your place at the service and needs to be paid monthly to hold your spot, regardless of whether you attend or not. We are developing a waiting to ensure that support is directed where applicable. f

How to Make Payments

Payment is based on 48 attendances a year and can be made by standing order payments.

For the Lunch Group+, the fee will be £20 per calendar month, payable the 1st first of each month. For the Social Group+, it will be £20 per calendar month per couple and £12 per month for single attendees, also payable the 1st first of each month

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these payments, please do not hesitate to reach out to your coordinator or contact our office.


We are here to assist and ensure that everyone can continue to benefit from our services while maintaining their accessibility and affordability.

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